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If you allow it to be, journaling can be one of the most healthiest things you can do for your spirit. When we take the time to reflect on our lives, we can really see what we have and the direction we are heading. It also helps to detoxify any crazy shit we’ve put up with lately.

As someone who’s kept a journal every year since the 7th grade, having a place to reflect on my life has gotten me through it. I love having a place to review my past mistakes for wisdom, or a place to relive my highest moments for a bit of shameless motivation. And for anyone whose stomach just flopped over the word journal, be assured I’m not recommending a daily 2-hour session of Dear Diary entries.

When I say journal, I specifically mean a place where you can flush YOU out, one thought at a time. They can be made of only drawings or a bullet point list of your thoughts. They can be photos in an app or a few sentences that say “This is what made today awesome.” And if negative thoughts are ruling your mind right now, journals are the perfect tool to help make sense of what truly makes you happy.

As long as it’s a place where you are making a conscious effort to document the moments of your life, so that you can reflect on them later, you can call it a journal.

Below are 3 of my favorite notebooks I’m using right now. Each are responsibly made with either recycled paper, or soy inks, or both! ¬†With a cup of whatever gets you through it and a trusty pen, snag one and make some time for you. I can confidently promise that your future self will be grateful.


Seltzer: Breakfast Notebook

Seltzer Bacon & Eggs Journal

Made on Certified 100% post-consumer recycled paper, when I saw this notebook I loved it immediately. How bad can any day be when you have bacon and eggs involved? Available at seltzergoods.com for $7.50

Keep It Green, 3-Piece Notebook Set

Keep It Green Journal

Made in Northern Italy, this triple notebook pack was my best friend when I began working on this site. Featuring both lined and graph paper, this bundle is available at Barnes & Nobles for 9.95.

Julia Rothman Typewriter Eco-Journal 

Julia Rothman Journal

When I first saw this notebook, I wanted it immediately. But I couldn’t think of how I would use it, so I held off buying it. Lo and behold, this Christmas a friend bought it for me and now I get to share it with you. Illustrated by Julia Rothman, these 100% recycled, soy-printed notebooks are available on Amazon for only 9.75.


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