Four Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Happen


A New Year’s resolution can be the bane of your existence or the greatest decision you’ve ever committed to. If you are longing for the latter,  there are a bazillion resources and tricks out there to help give your goals a boost this year. And Zenfulie has the top four below.

Time to App Up:
Find an app or a device that will help you succeed (like Fitbit, for example, if your goals are health-focused). And actually use it! Check out apps like Timeful, which can act as your personal assistant and keep you on your grind.

Keep Em’ Small and Take Your Time:
Fight back your tendencies for self sabotage and chop your big goals into smaller, measurable action plans. We’ve all done the opposite and tried to do everything at once. System overload — resolutions dropped. When we go slow and make a small, measurable roadmap to our success, we keep control and have a better chance at succeeding.

Want to lose weight for example: try focusing on making one small change to a habit a week, one month at a time. This does two things: it helps you practice a new habit while simultaneously removing a bad one. And it happens at a slower, more manageable pace. In two months time, you’ll have eight weeks of success, a handful of new habits and multiple moments of success.

Become a Thought Ninja:
Picture your goal sitting on a comfy, tufted, golden chair. And surrounding your goal and the chair is a beautiful garden with fresh flowers and a running brook. Maybe there’s even a hot gardener in the background. It’s a sacred, perfect, beautiful place that’s real and you can go to it any time you want and sit on the chair with your goal in your lap.

If you want to succeed with your resolution this year, you are going to have to protect this goal. From yourself and your bad thoughts. You will need to identify the doubts from the facts and kick any negative thought that doesn’t serve you to the curb. All the ones that say the goal is impossible. That say it can’t succeed or it’s too hard. The ones that hurt the garden and take the goal off its throne. If you want to win this year, you need to become a thought ninja.

Don’t Quit:
Make this the year you don’t judge your pause. Make yourself the promise that you’ll pick up where you left off as soon as you realize you’ve taken a break. Sometimes taking a break paralyzes the process, but it doesn’t have to. Always remember, you’ll make more progress by never fully quitting then by giving up completely.


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